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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I report a complaint?

You may either contact us by calling (941) 932-9485 or by email to or

Why can't I park the truck I use for my business in front of my home?

The Code of Ordinances prohibits parking or storing commercial vehicles of any kind in a residential district, except for loading or unloading purposes or when parked within a completely enclosed garage.

The house next door is abandoned, and the yard is overgrown. Can anything be done to clean the property?

Yes, City of Bradenton Code prohibits debris, rubbish, trash, stagnant water, diseased or damaged trees, dense weeds or grass in excess of twelve (12) inches in height from the ground on any lot. Please notify the Community Services & Compliance Division at (941) 932-9485.

Is it legal for someone to have an unregistered or inoperable vehicle on their property?

No. City of Bradenton Code prohibits allowing any partially dismantled, inoperable, wrecked, junked or dismantled vehicle on private property. The vehicle has to have a current license plate. Exception: A vehicle in an enclosed building or carport or on the premises of a business enterprise operated in a lawful place and manner when necessary to the operation of such business, i.e. automotive repair establishments, etc.

My landlord refuses to make repairs to my house/apartment. What can I do?

Depending on the types of deficiencies, the Community Services & Compliance Division may be able to help. Please note, however, that neither the Community Services & Compliance Division nor the City of Bradenton will become involved in a landlord/tenant dispute. Code Enforcement personnel will concern themselves only with violations of the City's Code of Ordinances.

I phoned in a complaint weeks ago, why has nothing been done to the property?

In all cases, the responsible party (respondent) must be provided notice that there is a problem. They must also be provided with a reasonable time period in which to correct the violation(s).

This notice may be in the form of a visit from a Code Enforcement Officer, or through a notice via certified mail and posting or publishing the notice in the local newspaper.

Regardless of the type of service for the respondent(s) in your particular case, please rest assured that your complaint is important, and is being handled in an appropriate manner with an attached sense of urgency.

You should direct specific inquiries to the Community Services & Code Compliance
Division at (941) 932-9485.

What happens if a person refuses to comply with the City Code?

Several things can happen. Depending on the case, it may be scheduled for a hearing before the City's Code Enforcement Board. This Board is comprised of seven (7) citizens appointed by the Mayor and City Council. They hear cases initiated by the Community Services & Code Compliance Division, determine if there is a violation, and assess penalties in the form of fines against the respondent(s). Additionally, the Community Services & Code Compliance Division has a civil citation system that can be utilized. This system works much like a traffic citation in that it requires payment directly to the Clerk of the Court or an appearance by the accused in County Court. Further, and in extreme cases, the City may also abate the violation and charge the respondent for the costs incurred.

How can I serve on the City's Code Enforcement Board?

The only requirement for appointment to the City's Code Enforcement Board is that the applicant must reside within the corporate limits. Applications for all volunteer boards may be obtained from the Human Resources Department at City Hall or click here to download a copy.

Can my neighbor add a porch on his house without a permit?

No. Most construction activity requires a permit issued by the city. You should notify the Community Services & Compliance Division immediately. Construction (additions, irrigation systems, driveways, roofs, etc.) without valid permits is a serious problem.

Construction without the proper permits may subject the owner/contractor to serious penalties including double permit fees and citations.

I received a notice from the Community Services & Compliance Division, but cannot correct the violations in the time allowed. What can I do?

Several things: First, contact the Code Enforcement Officer and request an extension. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may receive an extension in time to correct the violation(s). You may also appear before the Code Enforcement Board and plead your case.

What are the City's regulations regarding signs?

The City of Bradenton regulates signage. Sections of the City Code govern the size and permit requirements for signs within the City, and also outline prohibited signs. These prohibitions include signs in the public right-of-way, portable signs, signs with flashing lights or moving parts, off-premises signs, and wind signs including banners, pennants, streamers, and other wind-actuated components. These are just a few of the provisions regarding signs. Please contact the Community Services & Compliance Division at (941)
932-9485 for additional information.

I live in a subdivision with a Homeowners' Association. Can the City enforce the
Association's by laws?

No. If someone in the subdivision is violating a provision of the Association's by-laws, it would be up to the Association to initiate legal action. The only regulations the Community Services & Compliance Division can enforce are outlined in the City's Code of Ordinances.

Can I park my semi-tractor trailer in my driveway?

No. The City prohibits parking of commercial vehicles in residential districts.

Can I keep chickens on my property?

No, the city ordinance doesn't allow chickens on any property.


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