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Development Services and Zoning

Development Services is the interface between the customer preparing their land development application and City Staff who conduct the plan and site review.

Services offered by Development Services include:

  • Development Regulation Consulting
  • Application Review and Processing
  • Land Use and Zoning Verification
  • Zoning Permit Review
  • Architectural and Site Plan Review
  • Mapping and Geographic Analysis

Zoning in the City of Bradenton is guided by two legislatively adopted zoning ordinances, the Land Use Regulations and the Form-Based Code. The Land Use Regulations follow “traditional” zoning practices, which separate land uses based on intensity. Form-Based Code is a zoning method that places the focus of development squarely on the physical form of a building or area rather than to the actual use. Both zoning ordinances provide development standards for each zoning district including the number of parking spaces, the maximum height of building, and the minimum distance or setback a building must be from the property line. (To receive development standards for Planned Development Projects, or PDPs, please contact the Development Services & Zoning Division with the name, address, and/or parcel ID number of the project. 


Click above to download the Zoning Handbook* (pdf)

Click above to download the Land Use Regulations (pdf)

Click above to download the Form-Based Code (pdf)




  • To check your property’s zoning district, type your street address in the search box of our interactive zoning map. Click here.
  • To view the Zoning District Maps, click here. (Density requirements for Form-Based Code zoning districts can be viewed in the Comprehensive Plan's Future Land Use Element


Development Services & Zoning forms and applications, click here.

Form-fillable applications must first be saved to your computer prior to entering information. 


*The Zoning Handbook was designed as a basic overview and quick reference tool and is for general reference only. THIS HANDBOOK IS NOT A LEGAL DOCUMENT. All permits will be reviewed for Code conformance prior to issuance. Please refer to the Municode Library for the most current Code Of Ordinances.

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