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The Friendly City

The City of Bradenton's Comprehensive Plan has been prepared and adopted as required by the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act and the Florida Administrative Code.  In 2011, the Florida State Legislature enacted HB 7207, commonly known as the Community Planning Act (CPA) to replace the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulations Act, which shifts the emphasis from the “top down planning” approach led by the State Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to providing local governments with more discretion and tools for making local planning decisions.  

As part of the new legislation, the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) was created to replace many of the State Land Planning Agency functions the DCA previously performed.  Other changes in the new CPA include:

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment procedures: Twice-per-year limitation on large-scale plan amendments is repealed.  Large scale plan amendments will be subject either a new “expedited state review process” or “state coordinated review process”, etc.  Small scale amendments are revised to include a higher annual total acreage (120 acres) and fewer restrictions.
  • Concurrency: State-mandated concurrency only applies to sanitary sewer, solid waste, drainage, and potable water on a statewide basis. State-mandated concurrency for transportation, public school facilities and parks and recreation is repealed (Local government can elect to retain concurrency for these facilities; however, local repeal requires a comprehensive plan amendment that is not subject to state review).  The requirement for a public school facilities element is repealed.
  • Urban Sprawl: Urban sprawl methodology has been simplified and is less prescriptive.
  • Evaluation and Appraisal Reports: The EAR is now an Evaluation and Appraisal Process with a significant reduction in the requirements needed to complete the process.  Every 7 years the local government must now simply evaluate whether amendments are necessary to reflect changes in state requirements.  City of Bradenton must re-evaluate its Comprehensive Plan using the Evaluation and Appraisal Review Process by September 1, 2016.
Additional changes incorporated in the CPA include regulations regarding Developments of Regional Impact, Sector Plans, and Rural Land Stewardship Areas.  While significant, these changes have a minimal effect on the City of Bradenton because of their type, scope and/or scale.

Comprehensive Plan 2010-2030

Capital Improvements Element
Capital Improvements Element Support Document

Coastal Management - Conservation Element
Coastal Management - Conservation Element Support Document

Design Element

Future Land Use Element
Future Land Use Element Support Document
Future Land Use

Historic Preservation Element
Historic Preservation Element Support Document

Housing Element
Housing Element Support Document

Inter-Governmental Coordination Element

Public Facilities Element
Public Facilities Element Support Document

Public School Facilities Element
Public School Facilities Element Support Document - Available for viewing at City Hall

Recreation and Open Space Element
Recreation and Open Space Element Support Document

Transportation Element
Transportation Element Support Document

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