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The Friendly City
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The purpose of the Information Technology department is to serve the City of Bradenton’s citizens and employees through technology and excellent customer service.


The Department of Information Technology has implemented many changes since its origin in 2001. More employees are now using technology to do their jobs than ever before in the history of the City of Bradenton.
In the past couple of years new systems have been implemented in Finance, Budgeting, Purchasing, Human Resources, Payroll, Permitting, Parcels, Licensing, Inventory, Utility Billing, Cashiering, Meter Reading, Public Works and Public Safety. 


A new website was launched which included the ability for citizens to view their Utility Bills and Permits, make payments, and to schedule inspections. 



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we have focused on “Going Green” by implementing new systems and processes that increase efficiencies and decrease our carbon footprint.  These types of projects should provide long term savings to the citizens of Bradenton. 


This past year we made a decision to outsource our e-mail in order to reduce costs and improve availability. This proved to be a great decision for the City of Bradenton and we are looking for other opportunities to advance technology at the City while reducing our costs.  The City is constantly looking at ways to utilize new technology and service delivery methods to improve City services at the same or lower cost.