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How to Avoid Alarm Malfunctions

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Each year the Bradenton Police Department responds to thousands of false alarms at businesses and private residences. These false alarms keep your Police Officers from being available to handle other in-progress or more urgent calls for service - plus, they cost you money.

The City of Bradenton Fines for Unnecessary False Alarms.

It is the policy of the Bradenton Police Department to fine a resident or business after responding to a second false alarm (in a fiscal year) from an individual address. This fine is $100 per incident renewing fiscally. We want to help you avoid these fines and our unnecessary responses. We have developed this list of helpful suggestions on how to avoid false alarms.

1. Have your alarm system serviced regularly. (Most manufacturers suggest a yearly inspection or service)

2. Keep motion sensors clear of dust and hanging objects that might set them off.

3. Secure your pets so they don’t set off motion detectors.

4. Make sure all windows and doors are secured. (Many alarms are caused by unlocked doors or windows being opened by persons with non-criminal intentions.)

5. Change the back-up battery. (May be included in the yearly service.)

6. Make sure your Alarm Company has current telephone numbers for you or your business. (A cancelled false alarm does not count against you in determining whether or not to fine for unnecessary false alarms.)

7. Become familiar with how to use your alarm and it’s features.

8. Make sure everyone who has a key to your house or business also has the alarm code and instructions about what to do in case of a false alarm.