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The Friendly City
Parking Downtown

Click here for a parking permit application.


The Downtown Bradenton Parking Garage is located at the corner of 12th Street West and Eighth Avenue West across the street from the Bank of America building.


The City has asked that motorists observe the following rules:

· No backing into parking spaces.

· Park between the lines.

· Be observant of all posted signs.

· Remember your parking space number. You’ll need to enter it at the paystation.

Parking permits are available for sale at City Hall, 101 Old Main St.

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The City has 2,071 public parking spaces downtown and 463 of them are free, on-street spaces, although there are time limits ranging from one to three hours on most on-street spaces with the exception of the parking spaces along Barcarrota Boulevard.

Please be aware that you are solely responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to your vehicle or its contents while parked in City-owned parking lots or parking garages. The City of Bradenton does not assume responsibility for any such property damage to your vehicle, theft of the vehicle, or loss of personal articles from the vehicle. 


In August 2014, two pay stations were installed at the Bradenton Downtown Parking Garage. These new pay stations, called “Luke II,” will allow the City to accept bills, change, and now credit cards. They will replace the older model pay stations to increase customer satisfaction and interaction while keeping the cost to a minimum.

Effective September 2, 2014, the new parking rate is a minimum of $1.00 for the first 2 hours, $1.00 per hour for the next two hours to a maximum of $4.00 for the entire day.

Once these new pay stations are established, a renewal by phone feature will be added. The pay stations are located on the first floor by the entrances.

Click here for more information about the new pay stations.

The City also has several charging stations for electric vehicles. Click here for information.


For more information on public parking, please call the City of Bradenton Parking Enforcement at (941) 932-9374.